Player’s Mental Health Supplemental?

Mental Health

Can you remember when the Essendon Supplements Saga was not in the news? It’s been almost 2 years and in that time, the Essendon Football Club has sacked and re-hired a coach and favourite son, finished in the top 8 in the league both years, were disqualified from the finals in 1 of those years and have been in court almost as much as Oscar Pistorius. But what impact has this had on the Essendon players’ mental health?

The Essendon players’ have had to endure the circus of uncertainty surrounding their coaching staff and job status for the past 12 months at least. Even today, the issue over who is coaching them and leading them next season is up in the air. Further, the anti-doping agency investigating Essendon are still investigating Essendon. This environment of uncertainty is prime for developing feelings of anxiety.

Some players have requested trades, citing the club’s handling of the saga as a reason for their departure. Perhaps this will improve their mental health. But what about the players that remain? Or the young men drafted by the club after the supplement years? Or those players choosing a trade to Essendon from other clubs? Performance on field would suggest that the players are doing ok, but is on-field performance a good indicator for mental health?

There are so many questions surrounding the Essendon Football Club that are yet to be answered. It’s not really the best environment to foster wellbeing.

What do you think about how the Essendon Supplements Saga is affecting their players’ mental health?


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