Robin Williams Passes at Age 63


Robin Williams, beloved actor and comic genius, has passed away at age 63. Authorities confirmed that Williams took his own life and was found on the morning of 11 August 2014 by his personal assistant. Williams had a history of depression and substance addiction which he spoke about many times in his comedy routines as well as in interviews. 

Williams was known for bringing a maniacal hilarity to set and being a welcoming happy person. His neighbours spoke of his openness to discuss his mental health and addiction struggles. Williams once called Australians, ‘British Rednecks’ to which the Prime Minister of the time, Kevin Rudd, took offence. Williams later cleared up his comments on the radio show of Australian Comedy duo, Hamish & Andy.

Despite this happy nature and open persona, Williams suffered from depression and addictions. This devastating incident may bring to light the real nature of depression and mental illness and the fact that it can be present in people who appear happy, cheerful and ‘together’. William’s death can also serve as a reminder to keep asking those around us, “How are you going?”

If you or someone you know may be suffering from depression, please visit out Need To Talk? page for details of people you can talk to.

The featured image has been taken from: robinwilliamsvietnam-750×400.jpg


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