WA Mental Health Museum

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Did you know there is a museum specifically about the history of mental health services in Western Australia?

This free service is located in Shaw House of the working Graylands Hospital in Mt Claremont, the museum is kept by former Mental Health Service employees and other interested parties and contains items from Graylands as well as the now de-commissioned Claremont and Swanbourne Hospitals.

The collection is still growing as more documents and items are sourced. Recently they acquired a 1919 artwork from Hal Warwick, a Fremantle cartoonist, that thanks a William Carter for preaching to quarantined staff and inmates of Claremont during the Spanish Flu outbreak. More information can be found in this article in the Australian http://www.theaustralian.com.au/arts/review/a-matter-of-closure/story-fn9n8gph-1227008986907?nk=cc545b9ba60435fbf73587bbf68fb674

The Museum opens every third Wednesday of the month from 10am-noon when the collection can be viewed by appointment. Group bookings can also be made to view the collection. For more information you can call 08 9347 6600 or go to http://www.collectionsaustralia.net/org/1910/about/.


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